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Designed according to the best sector´s practices, Usina Lins already presents 100% mechanized harvesting and plating operation, being a reference in the sugar-energetic sector.

The industrial plant produces only ethanol, although it was project to also receive a sugar factory, project which will consolidate in a near future. It is auto-sufficient in electricity, which is generated burning the bagasse, a residual product from the sugarcane crushing. The same occurs in the headquarters, Usina Batatais.

With sustainable practices and investments in management and technology, the company drives the economic and social development of Lins region, since it has become one of the biggest local employers.

To enhance its production quality every year, the company counts with 1,300 direct collaborators, which are constantly trained to follow the changes in the sector. In addition to professional capacitation courses and some actions that aim for the well-being in the work environment and life quality, the employees have an extensive benefit plan.


Dynamic, Usina Lins is a relatively young company in the sector, initiating its production on March 10th, 2007, which was less than two years later of its cornerstone launch in August 11th, 2005. In its first crop (2007/08), the company crushed 1,225,986 tons of sugarcane.

Usina Lins is affiliated of Usina Batatais, which was founded in March 1st, 1985. The current shareholders are Bernardo and Lourenço Biagi, who have consolidated the business in Batatais and now are true believers of Lins region potential to receive their second sugarcane plant.

As it happens in Batatais, Usina Lins is constantly searching to enhance the quality of its production process, the excellence of its work force, and the implementation of environmental and social programs.


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